Windows Saint Louis

residential_tintIf your home, windows or doors can be hard to operate, worn-out, have frost on the interior surfaces or lack proper insulation it may be time to consider new, energy-efficient replacement windows and/or doors. Replacement windows and doors that are both economical, beautiful and can significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs. Plus, our professional contractors ensure that your windows and doors are properly hung to stand the test of time.

Other important benefits of Lane House replacement windows and doors in St Louis include:

  • Made to order from our exact measurements
  • Installed by our experienced craftsmen (properly hung windows and doors make all the difference)
  • Double-hung windows offer tilt-in ease of cleaning and security
  • Protection of furniture, carpet and draperies from UV rays
  • Patio doors that operate smoothly and are more secure

We offer a large selection of styles, colors and options from which to choose and a FREE, no-obligation estimate that will show you just how affordable it is to get new windows and/or doors.

New windows improve the appearance of both the interior and exterior of your home. Even if you only have one or two problem windows, St. Louis based Lane House Construction will be happy to replace them for you. We can even cut openings for new windows or enlarge windows into doors!

Hats off to Lane House Construction for their superb customer service!
–Angela & Paul Arnold-Klemmem, September 2012