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Type of Roofs

Origins of Types of Roofing Solutions

Since the dawn of human existence, man has looked for ways to protect himself and tribe from the harsh elements. As humans evolved so did their dwellings, therefore their roofing solutions also needed to become modified. The following infographic shows the various types of roofing solutions and where they originated through out time.

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Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement

When to Repair your Roof: If you are experiencing a first, or even second leak in your roof. If you see water spots on a ceiling tile. If there is a leak after a rain that is limited to an easily identifiable area. When you can see an area where a shingle or a few […]

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5 Secrets to Painting Perfection

Whatever home improvements you’re making, the secret to brilliant results is good attention to detail. Whilst painting your property may appear to be one of the simpler DIY tasks, great results take patience and care. Here are our top five secrets to paint perfection when decorating your home: 1. Sand away any flaws To get […]

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